Mini Pen DVR      


Mini DVR Pen (Spy Pen)Kit

Video Resolution: 640x480 AVI 25fps

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Video Clip With Date/Time Stamp (30fps latest version)

VSDP23AU User Manual

Pen DVR Kit

 Product Specification:

 °ÔThe fewest Mini Pen DVR in the world which conceals in the pen. And the first mini pen DVR with the function of both kinescope and record.
 °ÔThe high fidelity microphone can record the sound around 15 ©O. And the high clear kinescope can help the police and court to get evidence.
 °ÔThe fancy aspect, smooth pen writing function, exchangeable standard lead is all durable and environmental.
 °ÔSuitable for any computer and electron device with USB port.
 *USB2.0 standard port, need no drive or circumscribed electric power source neither.
 °ÔSupport WINDOWS98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAS OS/ LINUX and automatically distinguish operating system, install commensurate drive, do not need to install manually. (Except WINDOWS98)
 °ÔKinescope formats: AVI
 °ÔSaving data fast: 900K/700K byte one second. (Relates to the mainframe speed) *2GB memory (different price for 4GB)
 °Ô2 million pixels for the camera
 °ÔWith lithium battery, can keep working for 3 hours.