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Spy DVR, Mini DVR (Guangdong Videsur Electronic Co.,Limited)

Videsur offer high definition, Spy DVR and Consumer Electronic Products at very low prices. We offer innovative products like flashlight dvr, flood light dvr, cross necklace camera, watch dvr with calender, hidden cameras, spy camera, mini dvr, surveillance, and security camera. Protect Your Family, Home and Business with a Spy DVR, Mini DVR, Spy Camera or Recorder. Since 2001, Videsur, Spy DVR and hidden camera CCTV system China factory, is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of camera surveillance and wireless camera, video surveillance. Our Flashlight DVR and Watch DVR, is our innovative products. Mini DVR also offer you a convenient way to protect home or office surveillance. DVR Motion Detection allows you to record important motion video file. Our Spy DVR and hidden camera can hide in any where near you in LED flashlight Watch Pen Clock Keychain Sunglasses Button etc for realtime audio and video recording for law evidence collection.

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